Why do I like your page?

Lots of buzz going around today with the post on http://www.briansolis.com/2011/05/please-like-us-on-facebook/ and why you should like a page, or for that matter, do you want to let others know why you like what you do.  Perhaps to private a peak into your personal like?

While managing social media accounts is part of my day, it made me stop and think about my followers.  Why did they stop in at my page in the first place.  One of the reasons I do know that my fan base has grown recently is from the wonderfully creative idea from https://www.facebook.com/SocialMediaDesign with Pages Gone Wild – wow that certainly created a flurry of new followers.

So I decided to post the following question on my page https://www.facebook.com/classicexec:

Can I step out and ask WHY? Market research is showing that pages do not give a reason why we should like them. So to help me redefine my message and posts to you, can I ask you to share with me why you like this page and what you would like me to share ……thanks so much:) and YES I do appreciate you being part of my page, so jump right on in and tell me more about you too!

and this was my first “Classic” response – http://www.classiclegacy.com/2011/custom-gifts/why-like-my-facebook-page-classic-legacy-custom-gifts/  – we share a rather classy name.

I took this one step further, asking my teenager why she “likes” the pages she does – a favourite being Cowboy Magic  https://www.facebook.com/cowboymagic to which she answered, the photos they share…..and, Mom, can we get some shampoo from them, lather up Laddie, her TB and take some pics, maybe they will feature her horse on their photostrip!  My answer – wow, why don’t you TELL them why you like them.

So my project from this little exercise – to review the pages I have decided to like, ask myself WHY and then go and tell them.

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